The Invincible Family

Why The Global Campaign To
Crush Motherhood and
Fatherhood Can't

Kimberly Ells

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About The Author

KIMBERLY ELLS is an avid researcher and writer on family issues and has worked as a policy advisor for the past nine years. Kimberly has written for The Federalist, Townhall, Life Site News, The New American, The Epoch Times, MercatorNet, the Daily Signal, and other outlets. She has also spoken at venues across the country, including the United Nations. Kimberly graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English. She is married and is the mother of five children.


What People Are Saying

"The Invincible Family makes it remarkably clear that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Kimberly Ells, a great new instructor and guide, illuminates how the family will ultimately triumph despite the marshalled opposition of academic and political elites whose weighty hands seek to rock the cradle through globalized, sexualized education. Buy a dozen copies and host a book club."

Dr. Patrick Fagan Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) at The Catholic University of America and Senior Fellow in Family and Culture at The Austin Institute

"Kimberly Ells masterfully unveils the international effort to create a society bereft of the very institutions that make us human: motherhood, fatherhood, marriage, and the family. Read this important book, arm yourselves against the encroaching darkness and--by sharing its warnings--become a light for others."

Steven Mosher President of the Population Research Institute and author of Bully of Asia

"A riveting and wide-ranging expose of modernity's diminution of womanhood."

Mary Eberstadt Author of How the West Really Lost God and Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics

“The women of the world need to read this book! Women are the force that can stop current social wars, save children, and salvage families. This book tells women the truth!”

Nicholeen Peck President of the Worldwide Organization for Women, speaker, and author of Parenting a House Untied

"In The Invincible Family, Kimberly Ells makes it crystal clear that those who oppose the family are deadly serious about their agenda. This book will scare you. You'll either become a pro-family activist, or hide under the bed. You owe it to the next generation to read it and get activated.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Invincible Family exposes the genesis of greatest power in the world: The family. It shows how socialism, feminism and sexual radicalism have taken the world stage and are seeking to abolish the family as the prime unit of society—and what we can do about it. Click here to take a look inside.

I wrote The Invincible Family for two reasons. First, I stumbled across some information online a few years ago that jolted me into action. I read International Planned Parenthood’s document, Exclaim! Young people’s guide to Sexual Rights: An IPPF Declaration. I was dumbfounded that there was such a thing as a children’s “sexual rights” movement and decided that it wasn’t going to exist in the world without me fighting it.

Second, it became clear to me that women are naturally empowered beings who hold the most powerful position in the world. I realized that that story needed to be told.

The Invincible Family exposes motherhood as the force that keeps society privately oriented rather than publicly regulated. The anatomically decreed force of motherhood dictates the political and economic structures of society. It dooms collectivism in all its forms, ensuring the demise of socialism and communism which seek to usurp the family’s inherent power. I’m not aware of another book that takes this particular stance.

The Invincible Family is for people who value the family and oppose child sex, including policy makers and parents. The book will resonate with people who believe the family is a social good and will assist them in articulating that position. The book will also appeal to people who have unanswered questions about the effects of same-sex marriage on society, people who are seeking to understand the transgender movement, as well as the pro-life community, the donor-conceived community, and parental rights advocates.

I want to cut the legs out from under the international movement to crush the family, and I want to do it by arming mothers and fathers—arming them with the truth about their position and the weight of their power. The family deserves a ferocious defense. I intend to provide one.

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