Death Is Good Business

By Kimberly Ells

Sep 27, 2016

Primary Publisher: LifeSite 

Last fall brought us the memorable “ShoutYourAbortion”, hashtag and promotion of euthanasia in Dutch schools. This fall came roaring in with abortion concerts across America featuring big name entertainers and comedians (yes, comedians), and in Canada an elderly woman tattooed the words Don’t euthanize meon her arm to protect against the surge of death advocacy happening around her.  

Clearly, the movements for both abortion and euthanasia are alive (no pun intended) and well, and backed by huge sums of money. This is due in large part to one disturbing fact:  Peddling death is good business. 

Abortion and euthanasia are ideal social causes and ideal business ventures for one very obvious reason: their clients can’t speak out against them, because they’re dead.  Conveniently, neither those who have been aborted nor those who have been euthanized are available to write reviews on how those procedures turned out for them. All the flowery euphemisms about “rights” and “dignity” can stand virtually unopposed because the people who have succumbed to these services are dead. No one will post bad reviews or file lawsuits over your product if the product ensures that your customers will be dead by the time they’re qualified to write a review or file a lawsuit. 

At least with the snake oil salesmen of the past, the tonic they sold was bogus but harmless. All the salesman had to do was get out of town before his gullible customers realized that they were still bald, fat and depressed just like they had been before he came to town.  And at least such a phony couldn’t trick the same town twice. The people who fell for his act the first time would tell their friends and neighbors to steer clear of the man and chase him out of town with pitchforks if he ever turned up again.

But with peddlers of death, their clients are dead so there are no customers to warn the others. And when he comes around again, another sympathetic crowd gathers around to hear the doe-eyed salesman as he unpacks his deadly wares. Of course he doesn’t provide “before” and “after” pictures to promote his product. He only provides footage of smiling people offering emotional endorsements of his death-inducing product BEFORE they actually use it. But for some reason this doesn’t seem fishy to anyone.

It’s convenient that the “death with dignity” movement’s poster child, the late Brittany Maynard, only appears on their promotional materials ALIVE. Where are all the pictures of Brittany AFTER she underwent the prescribed treatment? Don’t we as a society of potential customers deserve to see or hear for ourselves how happy she is after her treatment? We all hope she’s super happy, but we can’t know for sure because she can’t tell us. Because she’s dead.

If death by dosage becomes the legal, expected, and celebrated norm—as abortion has—then those selling, administering, and promoting the lethal doses will benefit financially from the deaths of its clients much like abortion providers do. Think of it: if everyone who ever grows uncomfortably old (or grows young but just doesn’t like their life) purchases “end-of-life” pills, then someone has just hit the end-of-life jackpot.

A salesman peddling end-of-life services for the very young or the very old could go from town to town and back again selling death wrapped in a dignified package and no one would be there to say, “Hey wait!  I tried it.  Don’t do it!” This is what has been happening for years now, and so instead of getting out our pitchforks, we have bought in to the emotional pleas the salesmen offer and we have given them money. Lots of it. We’ve made laws that allow them to peddle death unabashedly, to promote death in schools and allow governments to sponsor them to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars so they can recruit hundreds of thousands more clients. And still! Not a single dissatisfied customer! Not a single dead person has come forward and complained about being dead! Death is downright savvy business.

Pharmaceutical and insurance companies, of course, have much to gain from euthanasia and abortion. Abortifacient pills are already on the market and the push is on to make them available over the Internet. Euthanasia medications, while currently less expensive than abortion pills, could have a big future. Consider the possibilities. Could it be that—as purposeful death becomes the norm—people will demand ever more exciting and ever more personalized ways of dying? One last pill-induced high on your way out, for instance? A personalized cocktail of drugs to send people out with a bang could make a killing—so to speak. And why not legalize such a thing if people have a “right to die on their terms” as is the common claim? Good grief, you can get a hamburger “your way.” Why not purchase something as important as your own death “your way”? 

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It might be tough for people to use the hashtag “ShoutYourSuicide” after the fact, but maybe their happy family members could post videos of their loved ones’ deaths on YouTube for them. I hope I’m wrong. As for insurance companies, every person euthanized represents a host of medical services the company won’t have to pay for. Savvy, savvy, savvy.

I’ve said that clients of death peddlers end up dead, but of course that’s only partly true. Usually only one of the two clients involved in each abortion dies. This means abortion providers have the bonus of having repeat customers. The client left alive can’t attest to how it’s going for the dead client, but she CAN repeat the procedure with another small, silent client in tow which her provider is more than happy to administer a dignified death-by-vacuum aspirator or death-by-pill or death-by-crushing forceps to. At a cost, of course. 

Then the client left alive can laugh, post the demise of the silent client on YouTube, and “shout her abortion” from the rooftops. With all her shouting and laughing she is the perfect advocate for organizations who profit from exploiting the capabilities of women’s bodies, just as they have profited from hers. She seems not to realize that she is a reusable victim in their business scheme, playing right into their greed and enriching them with every procedure she demands as her “right” and every proud “shout” she makes about it. 

It’s also only partly true that there are no “after” photos of death peddlers’ clients. There is, of course, a suite of videos showcasing Planned Parenthood’s dismembered clients, and lots more “after” pictures here and here, but most folks don’t have the stomach to look at such things. We would rather look the other way so we don’t have to see what small, dead humans look like.

The end-of-life business behemoth is telling us that it’s just like Peter Pan says: “To die will be an awfully big adventure.” We are taking this lethal bait hook, line, and sinker. All the while the dead remain eerily silent, presumably rejoicing in their own demise.

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