Why It May Not Matter That Amy Coney Barrett Is the Next Supreme Court Justice

By Kimberly Ells

Oct 29, 2020

Primary Publisher: The New American

Those keeping a finger on the pulse of the United Nations are beginning to wonder if all the political rancor unleashed by the Left over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court may have been a needless display of consternation and panic. The Left’s objectives for America are still squarely on the table.

Recently, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a troubling announcement. He declared that due to global "inequalities" highlighted by the Coronavirus, a "new model for global governance" is on the way. With billions of dollars at its disposal (nearly one-fifth of it coming from America’s pockets) and tentacles all over the world, the United Nations is in the prime position to initiate "global governance" by way of a "Great Reset," as is its stated intention.

A careful reading of this far-reaching global scheme anchored at the UN shows that it would essentially upend political systems based on private property and individual rights, and would restructure the world on terms of "equality" and "sustainability" for all. National sovereignty would no longer exist as we know it and the rule of law would be replaced by an incessant appeal to "equality" as defined by the lucky socialist stewards who find themselves in charge of the world.

The Democratic Party appears to be on board with this plan for humanity. If Biden wins, some believe he is poised to essentially totter to the golden halls of the UN, kneel at its feet, and — over the next four to eight years — place the United States of America on the altar of global rule. If this manically serious "new model for global governance" plan is enacted and if the United States jumps on board, the Constitution of the United States — one of the greatest documents ever written — will become increasingly obsolete along with the US Supreme Court, its nominees, and virtually everything else proscribed by our founding documents.

If Trump wins, the picture may still be bleak. The Left is not prepared to accept any scenario in which they do not win because their global plans are on the line. So if Trump is elected by the voice of the people in accordance with Constitutional law, rioting from the Left may become even more intense than we have witnessed over the past three months. This is especially hazardous right now as misguided calls for defunding our law enforcement system are ringing through the streets, police officers are being assaulted with regularity, and local government officials are refusing to enforce the law.

This being the surreal situation we find ourselves in, our entire judicial system stands on tenuous grounds because if there is no means of enforcing the laws we agree upon, then our laws become next to meaningless. Supreme Court nominees — with all their judicial knowledge, expertise, and wisdom (whether conservative or liberal) — become little more than targets for rioters armed with flaming Molotov cocktails, bricks, or worse, just like everybody else.

To make matters more perilous, George Floyd’s family members and their lawyer, Ben Crump, officially appealed to the United Nations for help in redressing his death, saying that Black Americans “must appeal to the international community for its support and to the United Nations for its intervention.” Calling on the UN to "intervene" in US law enforcement or judicial dealings frames the United Nations as a more legitimate body than the United States of America and pulls the UN squarely into the realm of "policing" America where it has no legitimate business being.

If Trump wins and mass riots from the Left ensue (which may be less widespread than is being threatened) mayors and governors around the country could subdue insurrections by enforcing laws and calling up the national guard with the support of President Trump. But would that put a permanent stop to the relentless push for "global governance" which would require the obliteration of the United States of America as we know it? Not a chance.

So while we are celebrating or mourning about who gets to sit up front in a black robe, an ominous threat is rising from the United Nations. Its rising is no secret; its most visible leader has openly proclaimed that it is rising, and it appears to be ready to subsume everything in its path including — and perhaps in particular — the American way of life with all of its freedoms, rights, privileges, laws, and Constitutional protections.

So what is to be done? Three things: 1) Quickly reconsider our level of involvement at the United Nations; 2) Isolate any treasonous people — especially in leadership positions — who are actively seeking the demise of the United States of America and its Constitution and deal with them according to their crimes; and 3) This last suggestion may seem unconventional, but perhaps it’s the most important one on the list: Look to the condition of our own hearts and consider what changes we might need to make if we were on the exploding end of a Molotov cocktail and suddenly found ourselves answering not to a row of justices wearing black robes, but to Someone much more influential wearing robes of a very different variety.

America may yet survive this onslaught against her, but none of us will live forever. It might be time to take our mortality seriously and use today to prepare for the imminent tomorrow, no matter who takes the White House or sits on the Supreme Court.

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Kimberly Ells is the author of The Invincible Family: Why the Global Campaign to Crush Motherhood and Fatherhood Can’t Win which exposes UN agencies’ widespread promotion of sexual rights for children and frames the family as the most powerful institution in the world. Visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and at InvincibleFamily.com.

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