Should young women surrender their fertility?

By Kimberly Ells

May 12, 2023

Publisher: Mercatornet
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Is there a future for Mother's Day?

For at least the past 50 years, women have been told by feminists, pop culture, corporate culture, and sexual activists that their ability to bear children is a curse.

They’ve been told that becoming pregnant oppresses, sidelines, and enslaves them. They’ve been told that escaping pregnancy and exterminating their children is their human right. They’ve been told they should “shout their abortions” from the rooftops. They’ve been convinced to medicate their healthy bodies with hormonal treatments each month to avoid having children. They’ve been told that any other choice is better than motherhood and that only people who want to “waste their lives” choose motherhood over other pursuits.

There are billboard campaigns telling people to, “Stop Having Kids.” And of course, climate extremists are so insistent that bearing children is destroying the earth that women are increasingly shamed into not becoming pregnant or if they do become pregnant, they feel social pressure to abort their baby in order to save the world.

During the One-Child Policy in China, under certain conditions pregnancy was illegal. Having new life growing in one’s womb was a condition for which the government could withhold your pay, tear down your house, and forcibly abort and sterilize you. Often, pregnancy was not cause for celebration; it was a crime.

On a personal level, when I was unexpectedly pregnant with my fifth child at age 42, I went to the doctor for some blood work. When the attending tech saw that I was pregnant in such an ancient state, she said, “If I were you, I’d have to slit my wrists.” And in one zealous response to my work championing motherhood, I was once told to “shut your legs and stop overpopulating the earth.”

Pregnancy is not necessarily joyous news anymore. It could be reason for derision, shame, horror, reprimand, or worse.

The only real nod to fertility in the mainstream is the concept of freezing one’s eggs. Women are encouraged to freeze some of their eggs (for a hefty price) just in case they want to use them later. Later is better, of course because why on earth would anyone want to have children now? There’s way too much fun to be had and raising kids is a total drag.

Tinder for transgender ideology 

Our daughters are soaked in this anti-life, anti-motherhood, anti-baby atmosphere from the time they are little. Girls playing with dolls is frowned upon (unless you’re a boy), femininity is mocked (unless you’re a boy), and a girl saying she wants to grow up to be a mother is not only almost unheard of, but explosive enough to ignite the feminists of the world into rallying cries for World War III.

All this being the case, transgender ideology finds young women in a state of readiness to accept what it has to offer: The opportunity to escape the shameful horrors of womanhood forever. It offers an escape from puberty, an escape from one’s own breasts (what good would they ever be?) and in some cases, the culling of the ovaries and the womb itself. In short, it offers an escape from motherhood. What is left is a man-i-fied body, a barren body that bears the brutal scars of its own disillusionment and disempowerment.

Much of the world is looking on, horrified, as girls in their teens make the choice to literally cut off all future opportunities for bearing biological children. And not only teens, but little girls are being eagerly urged to take puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones which can erase their fertility forever.

Onlookers are gasping in dismay. How can young women be so cavalier about surrendering their fertility? Why are they running from womanhood? Why do they think they’ll never want children? Don’t they know that bearing and raising kids is some of the very best stuff life has to offer?

No, they don’t know, because we haven’t told them.

Fertility is not a disease or a disaster 

When have young women heard the message that their fertility is worthwhile? When have they heard that breastfeeding a baby is a good, healthy, beautiful thing? When have influencers, pastors, professors, celebrities, or even their own moms told young women that their anatomy is innately valuable, amazing in its complexity, and unparalleled in its importance? When have we told them that their own future children might need them more than Silicon Valley needs them? When have we told young women that it is good to grow up to be a mom?

We should not be surprised that when we speak of fertility only in terms of how to suppress, abort, prevent, or escape it that young women are clamoring to escape it. And that they are clamoring to escape not only fertility but womanhood itself.

It’s time to tell our daughters the truth. It’s way past time to let the next generation of women know that being a woman is a grand and desirable thing to be. It’s time to tell them that having children is the best thing humanity ever did. It’s time to tell them that having children doesn’t mean they can’t do anything else. It’s time to talk about the female body and its life-giving capabilities in terms of majesty and value and power and joy.

So let’s start talking. And let’s start today. Let’s tell our daughters that their ability to carry and bring forth life is momentous. Let’s tell them that being a mom is the best job in the world.

Let’s tell them that fertility isn’t a disease to be cured. It is a power to be cherished, protected, preserved, and shouted from the rooftops.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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